Aakaar TUBELiTE Clenz, 100ml

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Product: Gentle Bio – Green Cleanser with Toner

TUBELiTE Clenz is world’s 1st Bio Green Cleanser plus Toner that can be used on face & body for all skin types. TUBELiTE Clenz can remove water proof make up within 10 seconds. It has 100% natural Ecocert certified surfactants.

Ingredients: Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Witch Hazel Top of Form

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TUBELiTE Clenz: Gentle Bio- Green Cleanser with Toner 

TUBELiTE Clenz is a cleanser with toner. You can combine two steps of cleansing & toning in just one product.

TUBELiTE Clenz Features

  • Has Anti – acne benefits
  • Removes excess oil
  • Is non-rinse
  • Has Natural ingredients
  • Gives deep pore cleansing
  • Is Dermatologist tested
  • Not tested on animals

TUBELiTE Clenz has properties of a toner as it is enriched with North American native shrub, Witch Hazel Extract. TUBELiTE Clenz helps in:

  • Skin Toning: Reduces size of enlarged pores
  • Locks up moisture: Reduces moisture loss
  • Anti – acne benefits: anti-microbial, reduces sebum production

TUBELiTE Clenz has also passed Zein protein and HET-CAM test which shows its low harshness quotient on the skin as compared to other surfactants.

Where to Use?

  • Cleaning dirt, dust & impurities
  • Removing water proof make up
  • Skin Toning

How to Use?

Dispense onto a cotton pad & gently wipe away. TUBELiTE Clenz can be used with or without water.

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