Aakaar TUBELiTE Gold, 30gm

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Product: Skin Lightening Emulgel with Glutathione

TUBELiTE Gold is a skin lightening emulgel powered with Glutathione. It gives you a glowing & youthful skin. TUBELiTE Gold has clinically proven 11 ingredients for skin lightening and has unique Liquid Crystal Technology.

Ingredients: Glutathione, Tetrahydrocurcumin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Licorice extract, Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Glycolic acid, Soy Isoflavone and Allantoin

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TUBELiTE Gold: Skin Lightening Emulgel with Glutathione

Unique Features

  • Fast acting Emulgel
  • 11 Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Powered with Glutathione
  • Liquid Crystal Technology
  • Enriched with Vitamins – B3, B5 & E
  • Fragrance free
  • Paraben & Steroid free
  • Dermatologist Tested

TUBELiTE Gold has Liquid Crystal Technology. It creates a bilayered structure that resembles our skin cells lipid bilayer structure. LCT Helps in:

  • Faster penetration into skin
  • Reduces moisture loss from skin

Where to Use?

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Blemishes & Spots
  • Ageing & Dull Skin

How to Use?

Apply full face on a thoroughly cleansed skin & massage gently. Preferably use at night time.

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