Aroma Magic Advance Acne Facial Kit

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The advance acne facial is a specialised formulation that delivers expert therapeutic skin treatments specially created for the salon and spa industries. This facial is a 6 step professional treatment that takes just 55 minutes! Acne is commonly caused due to hormonal changes, pollution and high humidity. The hyperactive sebum levels in the skin lead to an outbreak of acne and pimples. This facial is a boon for acne prone skin as it cleanses the skin deeply and effectively treats breakouts, hyper-pigmentation, pimples and scarring. Consistent and regular use of this facial will help clear the pores of excess oil and cellular debris. Blemishes, too, are less likely to form. This rich formulation of aloe vera juice, tocopherol, lavender, cucumber, neem, patchouli and tea tree discourages the proliferation of acne and promotes healing. It removes dead skin, soothes and hydrates the skin and boosts the protective layer against bacteria. The skin will be left well moisturised, brighter, healed and restored.

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  • Treats acne prone skin
  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Treats blackouts, pimples and scarring


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