Aroma Magic Neroli Essential Oil

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This pure Neroli Essential Oil from Aroma Magic has a delicate and yet penetrating aroma that calms the mind and soothes the senses. Its fresh citrus scent clears the air of stagnate and depressed thoughts and emotions leaving your space refreshed and renewed. It is naturally anti-bacterial and helps to eliminate airborne germs and generally clean the environment in which it is used. It is also very beneficial for the mature and dry skin, as it is naturally moisturizing and revitalizing. It is rich with anti-oxidants that scavenge free radicals and protect the skin from the degenerating effects of environmental pollutants and negative emotions and thoughts. In this way Neroli Essential oil from Aroma Magic calms and soothes the mind during times of stress and fatigue, revitalizing the spirit and renewing the air.

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  • Aroma Therapy Essential Oil – Neroli or Bitter Orange
  • Neroli Essential Oil Citrus has an exquisite light floral aroma that is calming and soothing
  • Used to help relieve stress and tension – fresh citrus scent clears the air of stagnate and heavy thoughts and emotions
  • Naturally moisturizing and revitalizing to the skin, especially mature or dry skin.
  • 100 percent Pure Neroli Essential Oil


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