Banjara’s Aloevera Skin Moistrurizing Gel 100gms

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  • Banjara’s Aloevera Skin Moistrurizing Gel
  • Make skin youthful
  • Excellent hydrating
  • Soothing and healing properties
  • Stimulates skin cell regeneration

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Aloevera or Gritha Kumari, known for its regenerative, and restorative properties to make skin youthful and supple is a skin care staple. Banjara’s light, cool Aloevera Gel is specially made from organically grown pure Aloe Vera, which has excellent hydrating, soothing and healing properties. Aloevera also stimulates skin cell regeneration, locks moisture and prevents premature aging. A great conditioner for hair, and moisturizer for scalp.


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