L’Oreal Professionnel Majirel Ionene G Incell Permanent Creme Color 5/5N

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  • Color 5/5N – Brown
  • Permanent haircolor
  • superior resistance to fading

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Color:5/5N Loreal Professional Majirel Hair Color delivers a consistent and uniform natural color result with added depth. This shade of Loreal Majirel dark brown hair color has new innovative gel-cr�me formula that provides easier mixing and more precise application on all hair types. As you can see on the hair color chart this dark brown shade is very dark and can appear almost jet black if colored on natural shade without gray hair. Loreal professionnel dark brown hair color gives deep natural almost black hair color appearance. The consistency enables the color mixture to adhere better to hair, making it easier to cover resistant white and gray hairs. With a fresh aromatic fragrance designed to increase comfort during application, you can relax and feel at ease. Professional Majirel hair dye is formulated with Loreal patented core to surface technology, including Ionene G and Incell Complex ingredients. Both technologies deliver long lasting conditioning properties to strengthen and protect hair with a high shine. Permanent haircolor. Rich, natural color results. Long-lasting color with superior resistance to fading. Core to surface conditioning. Ionene G restores, protects and continuously conditions. Incell Complex strengthens and reinforces from the inside out.


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