Nature’s Essence Oriental Orange ‘N’ Lime De Tan Face Scrub, 60gm

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  • Nature’s Essence Oriental Orange N Lime De Tan Face Scrub
  • Cleansing and brightening it
  • De-tanning, lightening pigmented skin
  • Improving uneven skin tone
  • Reveal a healthy and naturally glowing skin after every use

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Give your skin a boost of dewy freshness with Nature’s Essence ORIENTAL ORANGE ‘N’ LIME DETAN SCRUB. The Scrub is formulated using natural lime and orange extracts that help reduce blackheads and whiteheads while helping in de-tanning, lightening pigmented skin, and even improving uneven skin tone. The formula feels gentle on your skin while nourishing, cleansing and brightening it. Reveal a healthy and naturally glowing skin after every use!


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