Shahnaz Oxygen Plus Skin Cream

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Age gracefully with a smooth and pigmentation mark-free complexion when you use this Oxygen Plus Skin Cream. This lotion’s main ingredient is oxygen, which promotes the function of new skin cells, improves circulation and repairs sun damage. This alone ensures you have fresh, youthful skin, a healthy glow, along with no pigmentation marks. This revolutionary gel features babchi seed extract. This extract provides extreme sun protection. This seed extract also aids with skin pigmentation. It contains enzymes that fight against dark spots caused by the sun. Strengthen your skin with this serum from Shahnaz Husain and notice the difference immediately. This brand uses wisdom from ancient ayurvedic therapies, along with modern science to bring you an innovative and highly effective product that is free from harsh chemicals and gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin types. Use nothing but the best to obtain a complexion that is the best.

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  • The cream contains botanical ingredients like cucumber, durba, babchi, wheatgerm, rose and olive oil, to create enriched oxygen later for instant revitalization
  • It is mildly antiseptic, protecting the skin from acne, pimples, spots and rashes
  • It also regulates adolescent skin
  • Keeping it healthy


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