Shahnaz Rehydration Lotion

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Get yourself a moisturizer that nourishes your skin from deep within. Shahnaz Husain brings you this Diamond Rehydrant Lotion, ideal for people with oily skin and blemish break-outs. The oil-free formula of this product relieves your skin of clogged pores and prevents it from allowing dirt and excess oil to clog the pores. The basil extracts soothe and regenerates your skin, relieving it of any irritation. The carrot extracts are high in Vitamin A – which is perfect for skin and its protection This product also aids in regulating the body’s natural secretion of sebum. Sebum is the skins natural oil, and when your pores are clogged with dirt, sebum builds up under the skin, causing a blemish or pimple. This moisturizer helps in controlling the over stimulation of sebum glands, thus regulating the skins natural oil production. Obtain blemish-free skin, along with a matter appearance with Shahnaz Husain. Use this oil-free moisturizer in conjunction with the Shahnaz Husain face wash for optimal results.

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  • Specially enhanced with organic extracts combined with ash of Diamond, the formulation provides intensive moisturisation and age control benefits
  • Containing extracts of carrot seed, date, basil, aloe vera juice and grapefruit, with Vitamin E and honey, it helps to hydrate the skin powerfully and restore its smooth youthful beauty
  • Improves moisture retention and leaves the skin soft and glowing


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