Shahnaz Sha Hair 200gm

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Henna is well-known to be a hair colourant, free of harmful chemicals, used mainly by Indians to give their hair that dark, luscious shine. Ancient therapies have used natural products to gain maximum results. In today’s modern age, Shahnaz Husain have used these methods, combines with modern day science, to bring you products that are free of harmful chemicals and produce the maximum results. This product can be applied to the hair by mixing the powder in warm water. Alternatively, use warm water with black tea, add the powder and apply to hair from root to tip. Allow the product to dry on your hair before washing it off and shampooing. Henna is well renowned for giving hair healthy shine, and with this Shahnaz Husain product you are getting that, as well as all the added benefits, nutrients and minerals, needed for a healthy head of hair. Improve texture, shine, scalp irritations and growth with this wonder product.

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  • Shahnaz Husain Shahair Henna Treatment Powder contains pure heena leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients which helps makes it a powerful antiseptic for scalp disorders
  • Controls hair loss thus promotes a strong, healthy hairs
  • It fortifies and strengthens the hair, making it look conditioned and healthy


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