Vlcc Ayurveda Spotless Clear D Pigmentation Cream, 50gm

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Spotless Clear cream deeply hydrates the skin & is rich with actives which nourish & heal the skin.
This cream is enriched with antioxidants which control melanin synthesis thus lightening skin tone to give a more even complexion

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VLCC AYURVEDA SPOTLESS CLEAR D PIGMENTATION Cream is a true miracle of Nature + Science. It picks its routes from 5000 years old ancient system of life ‘AYURVEDA’ & blends it with modern science. This path breaking multi action formula is infused with Antioxidants, Vitamins & healing Oils from nature. It awakens the skin providing fresh hydration, while the actives lighten skin tone by reducing uneven pigmentation, minimizing existing dark spots to reveal a visibly radiant skin naturally

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